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TV Talent Coaching


If you're watching Russ Mitchell, Heidi Jones, Paula Zahn, or Molly Henneberg, then you're watching Carol Rommel's influence on their performance.  Hundreds of reputable broadcasters have learned so much from Carol's coaching sessions.  You can trust her expert observations and practical suggestions.



Award-winning newscasts are made up of many elements... writing, production, set design,  timing, story stack, camera work and so much more.  Yet the single most influential element of a newscast may be the people on the set. 


Master communicators who are "real", knowledgeable, experienced, credible and skilled can lead the newscast to a premier spot in a market.  Without consistency in talent performance, a newscast can lose its foothold in a market . 


Talent coaching from Carol can help maintain your winning position  -- just as a winning tennis player relies on an expert coach, on-camera talent want feedback and direction to develop their skills. 

Executive Coaching


Are you a leader in your profession who feels less than confident about speaking in meetings or at conferences?  Are you overly anxious when you speak in public?  Do you think your message could strike your listeners with a more positive punch?


Professional speech coach Carol Dearing-Rommel can give you the tools you need to become a more powerful speaker on or off TV. And it won't take forever.  You'll benefit from Carol's long-standing reputation as the premier coach for speech design and delivery.  Her standing room only classes at Southern Methodist University created her impeccable reputation as the best speech coach in Dallas.  Her colleague, Dr. Wayne Kirkham, is known as the "doctor to the stars."

Not only can she help you become a memorable speaker, but if you've attended one of her RTDNA short sessions or watched her speak in public, you've seen her own skill and personal talent at work. 


She can give you specific information to springboard your presentation from "average" to audience-inspiring.

Speech Coaching

Accent Reduction


 Accent reduction training is designed to reduce your accent and its influence on your career, personal and social lives.  Carol's immense expertise in the area of speech, voice, and accent reduction is a reflection of her years of experience and innovative expertise in the field.  Listen to her own speech and learn to speak English clearly and proficiently.  Her classes are popular and cutting edge for business professionals.

 American Accent Training replaces accent reduction as the newest most effective approach to become a proficient second-language learner.  Learn the melody and rhythmic characteristics of American English and increase your speech intelligibility  dramatically.  Attention is also given to specific speech sound improvement, which varies according to the native language.

Carol also provides therapy for Dr.Wayne Kirkham's voice patients. She is an experienced and skilled vocologist, with an in-depth understanding of speech/voice and non-verbal language. She has taught courses at UTD and Southern Methodist University in speech/voice, executive speech delivery, and kinesics -- the study of nonverbal language. 


If you are not happy with the sound of your speech or voice or want accent reduction classes, contact Carol for an evaluation.  She can tell you how difficult or easy it may be to make your voice a positive influence on your career and life.